Products range from paint brushes, rollers and a large selection of paints and decorating supplies.


The industrial sector of New Zealand’s economy is the area we supply the majority of our product range to. We liken ourselves to being a one-stop shop.

Our extensive range, manufactured by some of the world’s leading brands is to ensure our customers receive the best quality products for their job, when they need them.

From coating floors, restoring houses, waterproofing, fibre-glassing, panel beating and sign writing, our customers know they are getting the best quality at the best price, supported by our product guarantee and with service they can rely on. Our top end brushes used by professionals have wooden handles which are pinned on. The ferrule binding the bristle and handle is of non-corrosive nickel steel with the bristle length longer than that of a less expensive brush. We also carry the Linzer Professional Grade range of synthetic filament brushes. These are made with a stainless steel ferrule. Synthetic filament brushes are suitable to use for all paints, are stiffer and retain their shape better in hot conditions, and after repeated dips in the paint. Our Linzer roller sleeves are made of woven fabric and are bonded onto a plastic core, without the use of glue. By using a top quality Linzer roller sleeve, the job can be completed with a high quality finish and with the use of fewer rollers.

We also supply a large range of products from masking film and tapes, knives, scrapers and blades, scourers and sanders, extension poles and roller handles, buckets, measuring containers and cleaning rag. We are suppliers of 3M protection and safety gear along with FabX and Microgard coveralls and the MedX glove series.
We carry a huge range of brooms, brushes, mops, squeegees, sprayers, cleaning tools and chemicals. We have a range of paper towels and toilet tissue available along with the dispenser units if required.

Waterford products are used in a variety of industrial fields. From concreting, engineering, automotive, roofing and painting to being used on aircrafts and on boats around New Zealand also vessels going overseas.

We pride ourselves on being a family business with over 60 years experience in industrial supplies. This experience and knowledge of the industry means we are often able to source tools and products required by our customers from manufacturers around New Zealand and overseas.

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